Monday, July 13, 2009

WFD Adult Dos Caminos Dinner

Last night’s Worry-Free Dinners event was at Dos Caminos Soho, our first event with BRGUEST. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our meal was an allergen-free success - like a completely newly washed, scrubbed and new corn oil filled dedicated fryer just for our group. Heavenly.

I’d like to thank Chef Meghan Young who created, cooked and oversaw all of our dishes and talked to our group extensively about BRGUEST's restaurant policy regarding food allergies. Thank you as well to GM Amanda and sever Jason for their assistance throughout the evening.

(Please note: all this FA love is not only reserved for this Allergic Girl. Give BRGUEST notice, communicate your needs and they will do their best to accommodate you within their abilities. See Allergymoms' experience).

It was all so delicious - I’m definitely ready to do it all again. WFD families get ready for our September event!

Here’s last nights menu that was gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, treenut free, fish free and shellfish free. (Please note this menu is corn heavy):

Guacamole with tortilla chips, fresh cut vegetables, trio of salsas
Plantain Empanadas - Plantain masa, ham & sweet potato, chipotle aioli

Al Carbon Tacos - Grilled chicken, orange salasita, guacamole
Asada Tacos - Grilled skirt steak, pico de gallo, guacamole
Dos Enchiladas - Pastor marinated chicken, roasted corn, tomatillo verde sauce

Mexican Red Rice
Refried Black Beans

Prickly Pear Granita
Pineapple Banana Empanadas

And here’s the run down of what we ate in picture form. I’ll let the food speak for itself. (Pictures by Danielle).


Chef Meghan making our guac:

Our dedicated fryer tortilla chips:


Ham & sweet potato empanada (we gobbled them up):

A special order of chicken without orange salsa. The allergy ticket is standard to BRGUEST policy:

Dos enchilladas:


Pineapple Banana empanadas, oh my:

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Britt said...

Gasp! Oh my, it all looks amazing! So sad that I missed it...where did this month go anyway? I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the next event.