Monday, August 10, 2009

Earth Balance & WFD

Back in January, I asked a few WFD parents what dairy-free, gluten-free butter substitute they use for cooking and baking. Earth Balance came up again and again as the spread of GF/DF WFD members use and adore.

From the Earth Balance website: Earth Balance is the all-natural division of Smart Balance, Inc. While most of their products contain the same patented blend of oils shown to improve the important cholesterol ratio that Smart Balance® uses, they’re also made with only natural, expeller-pressed oils. They also never contain GMO’s, artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or emulsifiers. Not only that, all of the products are vegan and gluten-free.

So taking our cue from you, our loyal WFD members, Earth Balance became a WFD staple, usually for icing with Cherrybrook Kitchen icing mix. Specifically we utilize the SOY-BASED Vegan Buttery Sticks when appropriate.

The Vegan Buttery Sticks ingredients: Non-GMO INGREDIENTS: Expeller-pressed natural oil blend (soybean, palm fruit, canola and olive oils), filtered water, pure salt, natural flavor, (derived from corn, no MSG, no alcohol, no gluten), soy protein, soy lecithin, lactic acid (non-dairy, derived from sugar beets), colored with beta-carotene from natural sources. Contains soy.

Earth Balance supports the Worry-Free Dinners program with delicious GF/DF Earth Balance products.

Thank you Earth Balance team!

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Anonymous said...

For those of us, who are soy-free... Spectrum Naturals: Organic All Vegetable Shortening is simply mechanically pressed organic palm oil.