Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Night at Blue Smoke

If the mark of a good BBQ dinner is:

Fat splatter dots on your dress--check.

Contented yummy sounds whilst everyone tucks in--check.

A satisfied calm after the storm including toothpicks and doggy bags--check.

And then the dessert shows up?!

Then, yep, that was our group last night: Worry-Free at Blue Smoke.

Great food, great company and great chat!

Here are some pictures of our dining experience; the plates started small and just kept coming, with more and more!

Please excuse the blurry nature of my pictures, my hands were thick with beef rib goodness and it was all I could do to remember to take them before or during the meal.


Chicken wings, sauce on the side, natch:

3 sausage samples, that andouille just killed me:

Chicken and mash:

Texas salt & pepper ribs, with pork and beans and cole slaw:

Mixed berries and GF Cherrybrook brownies:

Plates and plates of goodness, once we had wiped them clean, and my favorite GF BBQ sauce:

BIG THANK YOUS to Lissa, Group Dining and Private Events Manager at Blue Smoke for working with us to put this together; our server Simone; manager Nicholas; pastry chef for making our GF brownies with Cherrybrook mix; and sous Chef Alex for taking such great care of us, and with a sense of humor too!

And THANK YOU to our goody bag contributors:

Goody bag items:

Allergic Living magazine
Amy's products
Cherrybrook Kitchen brownie mix
Nana's No Gluten assorted cookies
Shabtai Gourmet cookies

Quattrobimbi prodcuts
Zen Soy products

You made everyone happy with your products!

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