Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WFD Superbowl Sunday

Silly me. I had NO CLUE it was Super Bowl Sunday. But lots of parents did and made a Worry-Free Dinners event their first stop on a day of fun for the kiddies!

Here are some pictures of our WFD--enjoy. (Thank you Danielle for doing the honors with your new camera. You did a SUPER job!)

App of GF pork pot stickers:

GF Fried Shrimpies

GF Chicken Skewers

GF Cali roll (I think)

Entree of GF Chicken with glass noodle soup:

Entree of GF Boneless Ribs

Entree of GF Borneo Chicken (I call it candied chicken, very sweet & spicy)

Sadly no pictures of our GF CBK Brownies and fruit plate cos they disappeared!

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