Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Tuesday night, Worry-Free Dinners™ officially kicked off with our first event: a gluten-free and allergen-friendly meal at Lilli and Loo.

What a kick-off!

As I sat with my fellow Worry-Free Diners before tucking into our delicious gluten-free dinners, I was quietly struck by how easily the conversation flowed, how effortlessly bonding happened between strangers, and how smoothly the ordering was with each person's personalized gluten-free menu and pre-fixe dishes.

It’s an experience I’ve had but rarely and it’s one that now I know can be replicated again and again. And I’m thrilled!

It was a true fellowship of the tummy; and of the previously itchy skin; and of the nebulous aching joints. It wasn’t a bitch fest or a poor me pity party. It was an “Aha, so you’ve had that too?” And an “Aha, I totally understand you”. (I’m getting ferklempt just thinking about it.)

We giggled and guffawed. We hmmed and oohed and ate. We traded war stories and horror stories. We talked trips and tricks and strategies. And we totally dined Worry-Free.

Here are some app and entrée shots taken by my lovely assistant Ami.

Fresh Saigon roll:

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap:

Crispy Borneo Orange Chicken (corn-free, dusted in arrowroot):

Shrimp with Fresh Mango:

Pomegranate Teriyaki Grilled Chicken (sauce on the side for this Allergic Girl):


No reported problems: all smiles, good times and happy, reaction-free particpants! Thank you everyone for being the first to join together and to eat well and worry-free!


Next time join us! Email us at for an application and join our happy crew!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that all went well!! That orange chicken looked delicious :)

Allergic Girl said...

the orange chicken was made for a diner with corn allergies. it was dusted with arrowroot instead of cornstarch commonly used in Asian cuisine and deep fried in a gluten-free wok with fresh vegetable oil. groovy right!?

Major Generalist said...

WOW! I am so sad I missed this dinner. I had a great time on vacation, but really struggled with my corn allergy and all the corn served in Mexico. Only wild horses could tear me away from the next one!

Allergic Girl said...

hey major
will be thrilled to see you and finally meet and eat worry-free together!