Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Private WFD Family Event

This past weekend, we had a private family Worry-Free Dinner for two families at Blue Smoke:

Didn't know we did private parties? We do and it was super fun! If this is something you'd like to do with your family, just email us at worryfreedinners@gmail.com .

Two kids, one in each family, have dietary restrictions. One has food allergies and one has celiac disease. For these two kids it's difficult to eat out as a family where everyone can get what they want--I know you understand as well as I do. So this WFD became all about them: everything and I mean everything on the table was tailored to their needs. It was a WFD party just for them!

Blue Smoke Manager Ben took care of us personally. Server Chris made sure all the food came out on time and that there was plenty of it. Sous chef Pierre was in the downstairs kitchen making all of our food separately.

Here we are as we practice talking to the chef:

Then Chef gave us a private tour of the kitchen. The tour prompted this question from a meat-loving 8 year old as we were admiring the pork butts turning in the smoker:

"Is pork pig? 'Cause I like pork!" (Classic).

"Yes," I said, "Pig and pork are one and the same."

"Wow, I like pig," he squealed.

Cherrybrook Kitchen provided the dessert mixes: GF/DF/Nut-Free all delish. (I love the dimpled hand reaching for one.)

Thanks CBK and thanks to everyone who helped to pull this night together to make it truly Worry-Free.

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Plescia said...

I couldn't agree more. My daughter has celiac and usually has very fews choices when we go out to eat. Last nights dinner was delicious and not only did she COMPLETELY enjoy her meal, my whole family did. The restaurant was great in every way. Thanks for a great evening, you really made it an enjoyable experience!